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“Working with nature to improve your environment”

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What we do

General Garden Care

Weeding, tidying and pruning on a regular or one-off basis depending on your needs. We can get your garden (or jungle!) looking good and keep it that way.


  • Formative Pruning ie creating wisteria or fruit tree espaliers or cordons. We can put up strong wire systems that will look good and support your plants for years to come.
  • Maintenance Pruning ie regular pruning for shrubs and trees. We like to carry this out at the correct time of year to help you plants stay healthy and look and perform their best.
  • Renovation Pruning – have you ever run a hedge-trimmer over your shrubs only for them to get even bigger and uglier? We can help get them back into a manageable size and shape and help them to fit the space and look good again. If it’s too late or the plant can’t be renovated we’ll let you know and help you choose a replacement.
  • Specialised Pruning – many plants have complicated pruning requirements or become very large and involve the use of ladders or scaffolding to reach them. We are trained to prune your wisteria, fruit trees and roses to help them perform well.
  • Chainsaw Work – for larger jobs and tree work we are fully trained for chainsaw work

Traditional Country Crafts

  • Scything – contrary to popular belief, this is often quicker than using a strimmer as well as being safer for wildlife and much quieter! 
  • Hedgelaying – a beautiful way to manage your hedges.
  • Dry Stone Wall Repairs – we are qualified to carry out repairs to traditional dry stone walls.


Where beauty is important to you, we can offer design advice as well as help you create Wildflower Meadows and fascinating Living Roofs.

Soft Landscaping

We can assist in all areas of soft landscaping such as the creation or new Flower borders, Vegetable Beds, Hedges and Turfing. We can also supply plants, trees and hedging and plant them for you.

Hard Landscaping

We can supply and construct Raised Beds, Brick Lawn Edging, Paths, bespoke Trellis etc. If your patio is looking tired we can give it a Jet-wash and repoint it for you.


If you’d love to look after your own garden but don’t know where to start, our Senior team members are happy to garden alongside you and share their knowledge so that you can learn how to manage your own garden and get the best out of it.

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